Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Galateia Residence

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The Neighborhood

Pera Beyoglu,

Enjoy Istanbul’s history in today’s comfort…

Galateia Residence is located at the heart of Istanbul, at the very center of the bohemian and lively Beyoğlu – Galata – Taksim triangle. The top floors at Galateia enjoy the magnificent view of old Istanbul, celebrated in many books and paintings.

In the neighbourhood, you can find the combination of gilded minarets and skyscrapers, traditional  restaurants and avant – garde night clubs, Old Bazaar and trendy world brands side by side. We are proud to say that this is a unique combination.

The Myth

Our premises have been named after a warrior nymph in mythology called Galateia. Galateia was one of the Nereides, fifty goddess – nymphs of the sea. Her name means “the goddess of calm seas”. Galateia frequented the coast of Sicily where she attracted the attention of the Cyclops, Polyphemos.

The giant wooed her, but the nymph spurned his advances and consorted instead with a handsome Sicilian youth named Akis. When Polyphemos learned about this, he fell into a jealous rage and crushed Akis beneath a rock. Galateia was grief – stricken and transformed Akis into a stream. Galateia was depicted in ancient art as a beautiful woman riding side – saddle on the back of a sea monster or a fish – tailed god.


Up to the 15th century, the neighbourhood Pera was full of vineyards and the population was mostly dominated by non – Muslims. Thanks to its extraordinary  history, the Beyoğlu – Galata – Taksim triangle stil keeps its historical architecture. Interestingly, the Pera – Galata – Taksim triangle has always kept its cherished position as the heart of the city.

The new and the trendy was always initiated in Beyoğlu and up to the 1950s, the night life was amazing. It was impossible to see the ladies without a hat, strolling along İstiklal Caddesi.  In the latest twenty years, the general “flair” of the area has been reestablished with new cafes, restaurants, night clubs, cinemas and its unique architecture.


Restoration project and application;

Two adjacent original Pera buildings Demiriz Building (1928) & Haci Sayid Building (1890)

with a total of 13 apartments.


The restoration process took over 3 years.

Consulted by the world-renowned Turkish architect Han Tümertekin, designed and practiced by

Oznur Asut, in line with the original features and furbished to the highest of standards.